rohit singh bloggerHey Guys my name is Rohit Singh owner of Bloggingtipsandtricks.com lives in Delhi and I love to do blogging and help my readers to start their own blog and make money online by blogging. Also I love to dance, showing weird magic tricks to my friends, singing, doing workouts and most important helping my readers to make money online. 🙂

How actually I got started with Blogging ?

Before telling you about my story how I got into this blogging stuff I started to make blogs using blogger in 2011 of which I heard from my friend he told me that I am planning to make money online I was surprised and I was thinking how it is possible to earn money online I was very eager to know the whole process but fast forward I am having many blogs and making handsome money as well which I don’t disclose publicly ( my personally choice friends)

So let me take you back to my initial story

One day in office my friend tole me secret that I am planning to earn online by making a blog he was having a good knowledge about the Blogging He told me to go create a free blog using blogger then I thought how come by making a blog I will make money online then he told me that let’s first both create a blog and after that I will tell you how you can earn money out of it

So I thought cool! Lets give it a try then we both started to make our blogs individually and we started to add new and fresh content daily to our blogs and by doing so 2 months passed away and like we were having approximately 40 posts on each of our blogs

Then one day I told him that now how I can make money out of it then he told me the secret for which I was waiting since 2 months eagerly and then he told me the secret of making money online and it was “Google Adsense” Advertising program

Blogging Is My Passion and Is In My Blood

Rohit singh blogger

He explained me about Google Adsense and we both applied for Google adsense program on the same day but I am very sad to say that his blog got rejected I was little tensed that he thought me the whole process and his blog got rejected and I was wondering that same might happen with me he applied twice or thrice but no acceptance by Google His blog was all about jokes and sms

2 days passed and I was thinking lets leave this blog creating stuff it waste of time and Let’s concentrate on my job I was working in BPO and the next morning I waked up and opened my laptop to check my emails then boom I saw a email from Google Adsense stating that your “Google adsense request has been approved and welcome to Google Adsense” I was like flying in air and I was so happy that day like I got 100 dollars check but that was big thing for me to get accepted in their adsense program

From there onwards I started to learn more and more about blogging stuffs like How to do SEO, How to Do Blogging, How to Earn From Google Adsense, How to make money blogging
I used to download hundreds of free ebooks and pdf files of Internet marketing and Blogging from internet and use to read daily after my regular 9 to 5 shift at night

After 8 months of regular learning and creating more fresh content for my blog I finally got my first check from google adsense it was of 100 dollars not much!!!
Below is the screen shot of my first Google adsense check 🙂 it’s very special to me

my first google adsense check

My first small google adsense check which I received way back but now it not small haha

And now I am making good amount of money with my niche sites below is the income screen shot for 1 month earning.

Google Adsense payment proof

So see indeed making money with the blog is really possible but you have to regularly publish new blog posts on your blog and try to help your readers as much as you can to accomplish their goal.

You  become their mentor and help them and in reward you will make money as simple as that. I am here to help all of you guys and will continue to publish new posts regularly.

My future goals is to make Bloggingtipsandtricks.com the best blogging resource on the internet and you can also see that I have rapidly grown from just being a beginner blogger to becoming a pro blogger in no time but friends I need your continuous support and love. Thanks and keep smiling 🙂