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Hello guys, today we are having a very special guest on our blog his is great blogger and helper and his is the guy behind the superb blog and his name is one and only Istiak Rayhan. He is a blogger from Bangladesh and having great blogging and writing skills.

I have not done interview of a blogger since a long time since I was very busy managing my niche sites and other blogs which I don’t display publicaly. But now I got the time and here we are with Istiak Rayhan and I am really glad to have him here.

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I am sure that you guys are going to learn many things from him so without wasting any time let’s start the interview.

Note to Istiak – Hey, bro sorry actually I was very busy and since you are also a blogger. Hope you understand 🙂

So here we goooooo….

Blogger Interview Series – Continued With Istiak Rayhan of

Blogger Interview Series With Istiak Rayhan

#1 Hi Istiak, how are you doing today, hope you are doing well? Please introduce yourself to my readers?

Blogger Interview Series Istiak RayhanI am doing great. Thanks for having me on your blog.

Talking about myself, I am Istiak Rayhan from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I am a full-time blogger and an internet marketer. I’ve been in blogging industry since 2012. So far it’s an incredible journey. Currently, I blog at and

RoadToBlogging is all about blogging and related stuff. At HostLater, I write about web hosting to help newbies to choose right host.

#2 When did you started blogging and what made you to do so?

The story began when I created my first site in 2007 by using my Java phone. At that time, Mig33 (now migme) was very popular. I used to share Mig33 tips and tricks on my site. I was not making money, but I was happy that people were visiting my site. That’s how I got interested in website creation.

After getting my first computer in 2010, I started working on a micro freelancing site. One type of jobs was to write about a specific product/service and publish it on a blog. To do those works, I created my first .com site. Later I created to share my techie knowledge. While running the blog I started learning many new things about Web Hosting, WordPress, SEO, etc. Somehow I got interested in these topics and started writing about those topics at my tech blog. After few months, I realized that I should change the blog name as I was sharing blogging related stuff rather than tech stuff. I chose the name This is how my blogging journey started.

# 3 Do you think that many youngsters can opt Blogging as their full-time career and what is the scope for it in future?

I think so. But it’s not like the conventional career. It’s risky. At the same time, the return is high. So what I’d suggest to youngsters is, try to start blogging as a part-time job and go for the full-time career after start making a decent amount of money.

Talking about blogging scope, I think big companies will start hiring part-time and full-time bloggers to make content for them in future.

#4 When did you make your first dollar by blogging and how?

It’s from Google AdSense.

Back in 2011-2012, it was not so tough to get approved by AdSense. I got AdSense approval with a subdomain site in And it helped to make my first dollar by blogging.

#5 Is there any time when you thought that blogging is not working for me and I should quit because generally if the blog is new, then I am sure that it takes some time to make money from the blog. Please share your thoughts on this Istiak?

I am an optimist. I don’t lose hope quickly. So I never thought about quitting. But there was a terrible time in blogging. Back in 2014, I got hit by Google Panda. I lost almost half of the organic traffic. It was frustrating.

However, I was able to recover it quickly. In fact, it helped to learn many new things about affiliate marketing which helped me to increase my affiliate earnings. You can read the story here.

When someone tells me that s/he feels like quitting; I tell them not to work to become a full-time blogger. Rather try to love the process and move step by step.

#6 How many blogs you own and if possible how much money are you making from your main blog i.e

I own three blogs and a site. But I am only active on and

I am not comfortable with sharing my earning on the internet. However, I’d like to give some ideas. I make four figures every month.

#7. Do you think that niche sites still work or we must focus on building authority sites only?

To be honest, I’ve never tried to build a niche site. But it’s profitable, and a lot of people are making money from niche sites.

I think it’s relatively easy to build a niche site than an authority site. Both are doing great. For a long term plan, I prefer building authority sites.

#8. What is the best way to make money blogging apart from Google AdSense because many newbie bloggers don’t have a good time with AdSense. So could you please share some tips on how to make money from new blogs?

AdSense requires a lot of traffic to generate a decent amount of money. When someone starts a new blog, it’s tough to generate that much traffic. That’s why I suggest new bloggers to try other monetization methods.

I think affiliate marketing or offering services is the best monetization option for a new blog.

#9. We all know that affiliate marketing is a great source of income. So what are your tips for beginners who want to get into affiliate marketing and from where they should start and approach it?

I’ve shared a complete step by step guide on monetizing a blog with affiliate marketing in my blog. I think anyone can monetize their blog with that process.

Here are some tips for beginners.

1. If you are in a particular niche, do some research on other blogs related to your niche. Try to figure out which products/services they are promoting and find those affiliate programs. You can get ideas from header and sidebar banner.

2. If you are in a saturated niche and you are not sure which products/services to promote, join an affiliate aggregator service like VigLink. It will turn potential keywords into affiliate links.

#10. Nowadays there are loads of affiliate programs and affiliate networks so what do you think for beginners it’s better to join affiliate networks or individual affiliate programs taking into consideration that affiliate networks take the commission from your earnings?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. I think it’s better to join an individual program when you are sure it’s going to be one of the most promoted product/service on your blog. But if you aren’t sure whether you will be able to promote the product vigorously, then join on the affiliate networks.

And talking about commissions, I don’t think affiliate networks take much commission from the earnings. At least, I haven’t faced that issues. I’d suggest doing some research like payment thresholds, payment methods, cookie system, etc before joining an affiliate program/network.

#11. How you make money from your blog and what works the best for you. Please share with our readers so that they can learn from you?

Most of my earnings come from affiliate marketing. And some of the earnings come from sponsored posts and direct advertising. I stopped using AdSense a while ago. Sometimes I experiment with other advertising networks.

#12. What blog promotion strategies you use and how you drive traffic to your blog, I mean which is the best source of traffic for your blog?

More than 90% of our traffic comes from Google.

And talking about promotions, I use social media and social bookmarking sites. I also use email outreach.

#13. Which are your favorite blogging tools?

Here are some of the tools I love and recommend to bloggers.

  • Thrive Tools – All of my blogs are built on Thrive Themes and Plugins.
  • Thirsty Affiliates – It’s the best affiliate links management plugin.
  • Buffer – Best app for social media posts scheduling.
  • Canva – Made graphic design insanely easier.
  • PicPick – Easy to use tool for taking screenshots.
  • Pocket – Must have app for bloggers.
  • Todoist – Best task manager.

#14. Do you want to give some of your valuable tips and suggestion to my readers to that they can start their blog and make money online?

Here are some tips and suggestion for bloggers and upcoming bloggers.

  1. Don’t choose a niche just because it’s profitable. Rather choose a niche that you are passionate about.
  2. Don’t write about making money when you haven’t made any money. Be real.
  3. Give most of your time on building contents, not on designing.
  4. There is nothing wrong with that if you want to monetize your blog from the day 1. It actually helps you to figure out what’s going to work for you. But don’t spend much time on monetizing when you don’t have much content.
  5. Observe successful bloggers in your niche. It will help you to understand what works and what doesn’t.

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So guys, this is it I hope that you got to learn heap of blogging knowledge and how to do blogging from Istiak and I would recommend you to make a note of the points which he has mentioned and it will be really beneficial especially if you are beginners and finding it hard to make your stand in this competitive blogging feild. Stay tuned and we will interview more such talanted bloggers in coming day till then stay tuned and keep blogging. Signing off

Do comment below and ask your question either Istiak or me will answer all your questions thank you.


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