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Elegant Themes Affiliate Program Review – Are you looking for the best WordPress themes affiliate programs to make money from affiliate marketing then I have a very good news for you because today I have a great affiliate program for you guys which you can promote and make decent money with affiliate marketing from your blog.

Even though there are many WordPress themes affiliate programs but not all of them are highly converting and this is most important here because there is no point in promoting an affiliate product which is providing very high affiliate commission but the conversion rate is extremely poor.

I can even show you some affiliate programs which are paying an extremely high commission per sale but what the point if nobody believes that product will be useful for them which is the number 1 reason why customers and our blog readers buy different product and services.

The key point to make money with affiliate marketing is not to run after the products which pay High commission but promote the products which will be extremely useful and worth every penny of your readers.

No matter if the commission is on the lower side but if you will definitely try to help your readers by recommending genuine and useful products then I am 200% sure that you are going to make more affiliate sales easily and probably make more money.

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And to just help you get started today I have an extremely high converting affiliate program for you which is Elegant themes affiliate program. Many pro bloggers are promoting this affiliate program and they are making a good amount of money and sales each and every month just by promoting elegant themes to their readers.

So if you are struggling to make your first or more affiliate sales then you must definitely sign up for the Elegant themes affiliate program. But before getting excited please read this review so you can get and an idea of why you must promote elegant themes and how much money you can make with it.

Thus without wasting more time let’s quickly go through this Elegant themes affiliate program review.

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program Review


I think that this would be the affiliate program which will definitely help you to break the shackles if you are finding it hard to make more affiliate sales. I have seen many new bloggers and even mature bloggers find it really hard to find high converting affiliate products to promote on their blog or website.

But we have Elegant themes affiliate program which is really very high paying with high conversion rates. Many bloggers are making 4 figure income just by promoting their themes and plugins.

What makes Elegant themes affiliate program so special is that they are providing good commission which is 50% per sale and the offer they provide is $69 for all 87 premium WordPress themes for the duration of 1 year and you can use on unlimited websites and blogs.

As far as I know that there are WordPress themes marketplaces and clubs which are selling just 1 theme for this price and if your readers and customers will get all 87 premium WordPress themes then there is no reason that you are not providing them value and also helping them to save a lot of money.

And this is the reason why you must definitely sign up for Elegant themes to make more money with affiliate marketing. I personally know since we are bloggers we need to build many blogs and websites to add to our portfolios right.

And you also know that how important is to give unique look to all our blogs and websites because using the same boring theme over and over again is not good at all. So this is a great offer which gives us all 87 premium themes for the price tag of one.

So if we are facing the issue then I am sure that there are many others who are in the same pond so you can really make a good number of sales and money.

Elegant Themes Affiliate Commission and Payout

  1. You are going to get 50% per sale
  2. You are going to get recurring and renewal commission as well till the time the customer is renewing his membership plan. So, it great and you can keep on making money even after you make your initial sale.
  3. Elegant themes are so popular and you can make money years after years without making many efforts once you have a large number of referrals and you can keep making money as long as they are using Elegant themes.

How To Make Money With Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

To start making money with elegant themes you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Click Here To Sign Up Elegant Themes Affiliate Program
  2. Fill out all the required information.
  3. Make sure that you are signing up with your blog or website which is not under construction as this will reduce the chance of getting the approval.
  4. Enter your PayPal email address to get the payment directly into your PayPal account.
  5. Click on the check box to agree to terms and conditions.
  6. Hit the Create Account Button. That’s it.

Now, you have to wait for their moderators to approve you account. And once they will approve your account all you need to do is log in to your affiliate dashboard grab your affiliate link and promote it on your blog, website, email subscribers and social networks.

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Final Conclusion

So, guys, this was Elegant themes affiliate program review and I really hope that you will definitely promote this affiliate program since the commission rates are high enough to compensate your efforts and most important it’s conversion rates is very high.

I would love to know what is your experience with this affiliate program and if you know any other WordPress themes affiliate programs then let me know in the comment section. Share this post and show your love 🙂

Click Here To Sign up For Elegant Theme Affiliate Program


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