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Are you looking for free WordPress installation service to setup your new blog or website but don’t know how to start from where to start. It might be that you are a complete beginner and don’t have any technical knowledge about how to setup then blog or website and install wordpress then you don’t need to worry about anything now.

Because here I will be your mentor and guide who will help you  in every aspect in installing wordpress so that you can sit back and get your blog or website set up.

There are many bloggers out there who want to start their blog and there are many business owners who want to put their business online but don’t know how to setup new blog and it’s not strange becuase when I started blogging I was also not knowing anything about it.

So this is the reason why I have started this free wordpress installation service just to help you guys so that you can literally start blogging without any problem and obstacles.

The best part is that it’s completely Free for you and you don’t have to pay a single penny to me. It’s a win win situation for you 🙂

Why this WordPress Installation service is Free

Good question becuase in this busy word there is no time for anybody right so why I am providing this wordpress installation service for free. I will be 100% honest here with you guys I have partnered with Bluehost, Hostgator and few other hosting companies to promote their business and in return I will get a small comission out of it and you can enjoy the service for free.

Why I must use this WordPress Installation Service

I know that there are other bloggers who are providing this type of service but what makes so special to take my service good question then below are the benefits if you are going to use this service.

Benefits :

  1. I will install the latest version of WordPress for you blog or website.
  2. I will install all then necessary and most important plugins.
  3. I will give you free WordPress and Blogging support for complete 1 month no matter you have SEO realated question or blogging related I will be always with you to help you to kick start your blogging career.
  4. I will install WordPress very popular and fast loading wordpress theme on your blog for free.
  5. I will update a massive ping list so that your blog post and articles get indexed very fast in Google and other search engines and this is really very important if you want to get loads of traffic from search engines.
  6. I will setup SEO friendly permalink that is URL strutuce for your blog or website and this will make sure that your blog post and articles rank high in search engines.
  7. I will set up free Cloud fare for your blog or website and this will drastically improve your blog loading time.
  8. I will create Contact form for you so that your readers and visitors can easily contact you.
  9. I will set up Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools so that you can get all the insights and traffic details of your blog or website.
  10. The Benefits are unlimited guys. Just take this service and I guarantee you that you will never regret how much I am ready to help you in terms of blogging, SEO and Make Money. I will guide you in the right direction.

Things Required

To avail this free service all you need to do is 1 thing. Just visit the below bluehost link and sign up for hosting account and that’s it. Rest leave every thing up to me.

>> Sign up For BlueHost <<

If you don’t want to sign up for Bluehost which I highly recommend because of it’s high class service and optimized server you can also sign up for Hostgator which is also very popular and still you can avail this free service.

>> Sign up From HostGator <<

Save More Money!

Do you know that to start a wordpress blog you need a domain name and web hosting plan but when you signup using this bluehost link you are not only going to get web hosting but you are also going to get 1 free domain name for 1 year absolutely free and you don’t have to pay any extra for buying the domain name. It will be included in this package.

Even if you want to buy domain name from other domain registrat then I would recommend you to buy from Godaddy since they are the number 1 domain registrar in the world.

Requirements To take this 100% Free WordPress Installation Service

You don’t have to do anything fancy here, this wordpress installation service is 100% free for anybody and everybody who are going to use this bluehost affilate link to sign up.

Get Started With Free WordPress Installation Service

After you sign up with bluehost all you need to do is send me the following details via the below contact form.

Details Required*

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Bluehost cpanel login details so that I can install and setup your new WordPress blog
  3. If you already bought the domain name form other hosting then give the domian login details so that I can setup your new wordpress blog to map with your domain name.
  4. Bluehost Webhosting purchase details / Invoice Id ( You can forward the purchase email to so that I can get all the technical details from there itself.
  5. You sit back and I will setup your WordPress blog or website within max 24 hours.

Once I will install and setup your WordPress blog or Website I will destroy every details you have sent to me or you can simply change the login credentials.

If you want to ask anything regarding this free WordPress installation Service then you can contact me via above contact form or send me an email to

For any general queries and questions you can ask me in the below comments also. So what are you waiting for take this free service and start blogging like a pro and I will give you 1 month 100% free exclusive support.

If you forget about this WordPress intallation service then I charge very high just to teach blogging and SEO coaching but you don’t have to pay me anything you are getting free blogging and SEO coaching absolutely free!

Helping others will help you 🙂

If any of your friends is willing to start their wordpress blog but don’t know how to start then you can share this free wordpress installation service to them so that they take the advantage of this exclusive free wordpress installation offer.

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