How to Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program Review

Are you looking for Hostgator affiliate program review or want to learn how to make money with Hostgator affiliate program then you on the right post because here I am going to share the best tips and tricks by which you can make lot’s of money with Hostgator affiliate program.

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting company in the world and they have a very good reputation in the web hosting industry. If you are looking to buy web hosting for your blog or website then I would highly recommend you to buy web hosting from HostGator as their services are really good and they guarantee 99.9% uptime guarantee.

I have used Hostgator since I started blogging and have recently started a blog with Hostgator and can simply say it’s a wonderful company to host your blog or website with. If you are interested in knowing more about Hostgator web hosting then I have previously written a complete article about this which you can read in the below link.

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In this review, I am not going to discuss the benefits of Hostgator web hosting for that you can read the article but what I am going to talk in this review is how to make money with Hostgator affiliate program so that you can make a good amount of money.

Hostgator Affiliate Program Review and How to Make Money With it

Hostgator Affiliate Program Review How to Make Money

You must be knowing that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money with a blog or website if not then yes affiliate marketing is the best way and you can make handsome amount of money just by promoting useful and helpful products and services to your readers.

The biggest secret of affiliate marketing is finding the right product and promote the product to the right audience and by this way, your conversion ratio will be great and you can make more money.

Today I am reviewing Hostgator affiliate program and they are one of the best affiliate programs to promote on your blog or website especially if your niche is blogging, SEO, Webhosting, and internet marketing.

You can really make some serious cash just by promoting this single product. Maney bloggers are making 6 figure income just by promoting Hostgator product and services and Hostgator is rewarding them with the handsome commission.

If you are planning to do affiliate marketing on your blog then you must definitely promote Hostgator affiliate program as the commission structure is simply awesome. Let me explain you in a better way

How much money you make with Hostgator affiliate program

You can make up to $125 dollars per qualifying signup with Hostgator but for that, you need to send them 21+ customers below is the image in which you can clearly see their commission structure and payout system.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program HostGator

As you can see in the above image if you send them 1 to 5 signup through your affiliate link you will get $50 dollars per sign up and this goes on up to $125 dollars per sign up.

So if you are able to send them 21+ or 21 sign up then you are going to make $125×21=$2625 dollars awesome 🙂 As you can see that you can make $2625 just by promoting Hostgator to your readers and customers.

They have a very supportive affiliate team which will definitely help you to make more sales and for that you simply need to contact them. And you don’t have to worry that you are going to lose your money which many bloggers faced in the past.

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But now they have moved their affiliate system completely to impact radius which is a third party service. So be rest assured that you’re each and every refferral will be counted and you will be credited for the same.

Even if you make 10 sales per month then also you are going to make $75×10  = 750 dollars which is again very impressive and if you are a beginner blogger then I am sure this much money from a single affiliate program is very good.

How to sign up for Hostgator Affiliate Program

Below are the step by step instruction on how you can join Hostgator affiliate program and start making money with it.

  1. Click here and go to
  2. Click on the affiliate link which is at the top right corner
  3. You will be redirected to impact radius website then you just have to fill in the form and Submit
  4. It will take maximum 24 hours for them to approve your account and then you can sign in to your HostGator affiliate account and start promoting it on your blog or website.

How Hostgator Affiliate Program Works

You can see the below image to get the ideas how it works

HostGator Affiliate Program

As you can see in the above image it’s very simple you just need to send them traffic and if the traffic converts and buys web hosting through your affiliate link then you are going to make the money.

I don’t think that there is anytime more to explain in this and you will get the payment via paypal or check. I would highly recommend you to select paypal as your payment method since PayPal is fast, secure and easy.

If you don’t have a paypal account then you can simply visit paypal and create your account for free. In future I am going to write a detailed aricle on how to create paypal account but as of now you can just visit paypal and follow the instruction it’s very simple.

You will get your payment every month and the minimum payout is $50 dollars and once your account reaches that you can easily withdraw that money to your local bank account through paypal.

How to promote Hostgator and Make Money

There are many ways by which you can promote Hostgator affiliate program and I am going to share the best ways to promote their affiliate program so that you can make more sales and more money.

1. Once you will get your account approved you just have to sign in to your affiliate account and grab your referral link.

2. Then you can promote your affiliate link where ever you want and start receiving commissions. Make sure that you can not sign up yourself and make money. If you will do this and HostGator will simply ban your account and you can lose this awesome opportunity to make money.

3.  Never do this as there are plenty of bloggers out there who want to buy web hosting for their blogs and websites. Keep it simple and you will make money naturally.

How to make money with Hostgator affiliate program

1. You can write a detailed review about Hostgator features all their products and services and promote your affiliate link. If you want you can read the Hostgator review here which I have written previously.

2. Make sure that you are not putting lots of affiliate links on your review otherwise that will look spammy and your readers will not like it. Make sure that you are using it at the beginning of the review, few times in the middle and at the end.

3. Make sure that it’s sounds natural to your readers and don’t hype about it as your readers are very smart and they can guess with your words. If you really write a genuine review then I am sure you are going to make a lot of sales.

4. The biggest secret to make money with affiliate marketing is you have to win the trust of your readers and the day you will succeed in this from that day onwards your life is going to change completely and you will see that you can make more affiliate sales without giving your heart out.

5. Use your blog or website sidebars to promote Hostgator banners and there are many attractive banners which you can promote on your blog. You can get these banners in your affiliate account.

6. Create post like best web hosting for your blog and promote Hostgator and this can be done for any web hosting company and it really converts well.

7. From time to time, you will get promo codes or discount codes from their affiliate team so make sure that you are promoting that on your blog as well. You have the option to create your own custom coupon code so that you can give discount and offers to your readers.

8. Like I have created a custom coupon code “bloggingtipsandtricks25” which gives 25 % discount for those who will click on my affiliate link or simply put my promo code at the time of checkout and I am going to make the sale.

9. You can create your custom coupon code in your affiliate account and this is really a great way to make money because who don’t want to save money everybody wants, don’t you? And if you give them discount then the chances are way more that you will make the sale.

10. Use your email subscribers list. You must have heard this term that money is in the list then yes that is true Money is on the list. Whenever you will get any promo codes or special offers from Hostgator affiliate program just send an email to your subscribers and if you are lucky then you can make a sale just by sending a simple email.

11. Compare different web hosting company with each other and then highlight Hostgator and them-them why it is good and what benefits you are going to get if you sign up with Hostgator and you can make the sales.

12. You know that most of the beginners who want to start their own blog or website really don’t know how to do all the things. Even when I started blogging I even don’t know how to buy web hosting and setup the blog.

13. You can take this opportunity and show them how to start a blog with Hostgator with the help of blog post and put your affiliate links this converts really well as they will really appreciate your way of helping them and guiding them.

14.  Make a page like free WordPress setup or free blog setup and promote Hostgator on that page and ask them to sign up with your affiliate link and you will setup their blog without taking any extra charges for you and believe me guys there are many people out there who would love to take your free services.

15. You can literally bribe them or make your offer in such a way that it’s a win-win deal for them such as offer a free premium theme, install all the necessary plugins, do necessary settings, give free email support, coaching etc and this converts very well and you can make more affiliate sales.

So, guys, this was Hostgator affiliate program review and I tried my level best to show you how you can make money with Hostgator affiliate program. I really hope that you loved this post if yes then you can share this post on facebook, twitter, Google plus and other social media sites so that other bloggers who are struggling to make money with Hostgator and learn from this post.

Remember guys helping others will give you more happiness in return. Thank you


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