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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review – Hey guys are you looking for the best WordPress affiliate programs to make money from your blog or website then you are on the right post because today I am going to share information about mythemeshop affiliate program.

It is one of the highest paying WordPress themes and plugins affiliate program right now on the internet. If you are looking for the best WordPress themes affiliate program then you must definitely take a look at mythemeshop because they are one of the most popular premium WordPress themes provider right now.

Must Read – Mythemeshop Review

All the themes and plugins are really awesome and most importantly they are highly SEO optimized and responsive. Recently I was looking for a WordPress themes affiliate program and many other bloggers were recommending mythemeshop affiliate program so I decided to take a look what it has to offer for its affiliates.

And to be honest they are providing the highest commission on the market right now and no other theme marketplace is closer to mythemeshop which is paying a whopping 70% commission per sale which is untouched by any other WordPress themes marketplace which makes this affiliate program so lucrative as compared to others.

And this is the reason why I am writing this review so that my readers can make more money by blogging but before you get excited I would recommend you to please read this review so that you can know why this affiliate program is must join for every affiliate marketer

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All these affiliate programs are very high converting and the best part is that they are high paying affiliate programs which you must join straight away since many pro bloggers are promoting these programs and are making a very good amount of money. So you must definitely take a look at these.

So guys now it’s the time to see why mythemeshop affiliate program is worth to join and why they are the best for bloggers who want to make the passive income from their blog or website. Thus without wasting any more time lets see the review

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review

Mythemeshop affiliate program is great if you have tried promoting other affiliate program but finding hard to make any affiliate sales but if you will promote my theme shop affiliate program then I am sure that you are going to make good number of sales month after month because they are the industry leaders in providing world-class premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Mythemeshop is really doing a very wonderful job even if you are going to download their free WordPress themes then also you will see they are really good as compared to other free themes available to download and this is the reason why they have become so popular.

You can join the Mythemeshop affiliate program for free and start promoting their premium themes and plugins and get a handsome 70% commission per sale. You can recommend their themes and plugins to your blog readers, family and friends also.

Currently, more than 5k affiliates are promoting this affiliate program and this proves that their product and services are really converting.

How to Make Money With Mythemeshop Affiliate Program

Now comes the interesting part exactly how you can make money with mythemeshop affiliate program and most importantly how much you can make because this is really important. So to illustrate this how much money you can possibly make with my theme shop affiliate program I have posted the screenshot below which will give you a clear idea how much you can make.

How to make money with mythemeshop affiliate program

So here the calculation goes, suppose you make an average of 2 sales every month and the theme price is $69 then with 70% commission you will get $48.30 right.

Then multiply $48×2 which makes it $96.6 per day and since in a month you have 30 days then multiply this $96.6×30 which comes to a very handsome amount of $2,989 per month isn’t it a very good amount for any blogger. For me, this is really great 🙂

And not only this much since my theme shop sells single theme and membership also in which you will get access to all their premium themes for 1 year and if you are able to sell their membership plan then your money making capability climbs the roof. let me show you how.

Their membership package price $349 and the commission percentage is same here which is 70% so if you are able to make and average of 2 sales per day which makes it to $244.30 x 2 = $488.60 and again in a month you  have 30 days so multiply $488.60 x 30 which equals to $14,658 which is a very hefty amount for any blogger or internet marketer.

So, If you are going to promote it smartly then I am sure with this single affiliate program you can make very good affiliate income. For those who are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing then this is the program you must join and I am sure that you are going to break the shackles and make your first or many more affiliate sales.

Below is the official video from my theme shop which demonstrates what are the benefits of my theme shop affiliate program which you must watch before you start promoting it.

Mythemeshop affiliate program Benefits Video

Misseceleneous Benefits

  1. Industry leading 70% commission per sale
  2. Timely Monthly Payouts
  3. 2 Tier affiliate program which enables you to earn 10% of your referring income for a lifetime.
  4. 60 days cookie period so that you will get the commission within 60 days window.
  5. Advance Reports and Dashboard
  6. No Minimum Payouts or thresholds which mean  you can withdraw the money no matter if you make $10 or $1000 dollars
  7. Very High conversion ratio
  8. More than 80 products you can promote so again more opportunity to make more money
  9. Creative banners to promote on your blog or website

Mythemeshope affiliate program Sign up

You can join mythemeshop affiliate program straight away and you will get your affiliate link instantly and there is no waiting period. To sign up for this program follow the below steps.

  1. Click here to visit mythemeshop affiliate page.
  2. Click on Get started button or you can also scroll down where you will get the link to Affiliate program
  3. Once you will click on Get started you will need to enter your First name and Email address
  4. Click on Sign up button that’s it.

Click Here To Sign up For Free Now

You have successfully signed up for the mythemeshop affiliate program. And now you just have to log in to you affiliate dashboard grab your affiliate link and start promoting their themes and plugins to your blog readers and friends.

You can share your affiliate link on your facebook timeline, twitter profile, Google plus and all social media sites to get more clicks.

You can also use their creative banners and paste in your blog header or the sidebar to make more affiliate sales.

You can write mythemeshop reviews and promote their themes and plugins and this is the best way to make more money with mythemeshop affiliate program.

Once you will make few sales you just have to contact them to provide you the custom coupon code and this will really skyrocket the amount of money you can make. And they will be more than happy to provide you the custom coupon codes since you are helping them to make more sales and they will be more than glad to you some favor by providing customer coupon codes.

Promote this custom coupon codes on your blog and see how quickly you will make the good amount of money with this single affiliate program alone.

Mythemeshop Payment Method

Currently, they are supporting payment through PayPal only and I firmly believe that they will make more options available. If you are in one of the countries which do not support PayPal then you can contact their support and they will provide you some alternative payment methods.

Get Instant Access To Mythemeshop affiliate program

Over To You

So, guys, this was mythemeshop affiliate program review, I tried my level best to explain you in the best possible way I can and now it’s your turn to make some affiliate sales for yourself. If you have any questions and doubts in your mind then please let me know in the comments section below and I would be more than glad to answer all your queries.

Also if you know any other good WordPress themes affiliate programs then let me know in the comment section and have you tried promoting mythemeshop themes and plugins if yes then do share your experiences with us.

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