MyThemeShop Review : WordPress Themes & Plugins (SEO Friendly )

MyThemeShop Review: Hey guys, how are you all hope you are doing great. Today I am here to talk about mythemeshop and I am going to review mythemeshop. Recently I purchased a theme for my niche blog and to be honest it made me so excited to write the review about it.

Many of you might know what is mythemeshop but for those who don’t know don’t have to worry because here in this review post I am going to talk everything you need to know about mythemeshop. So we will basically start with the introduction. So here we go…

What is MyThemeShop

  • Mythemeshop is a premium WordPress themes and plugins marketplace where you can buy best and high-quality premium WordPress themes and plugins.
  • They provide premium as well as free WordPress themes as well which are great for anybody who doesn’t have the budget right now to buy premium WordPress themes for their blog or website.
  • I have personally tested both their free and premium themes and I would proudly say that they are doing wonderful job since the price of the premium themes are very affordable as compared to other themes providers in the market right now.

MyThemeShop Review 2017 : Wordpress Themes & Plugins (SEO Friendly )

MyThemeShop Review


So now that you know what is my theme hope now lets proceed further with this review and see why this marketplace is considered as the best to find fully SEO friendly optimized WordPress themes and plugins.

We will start by looking at the benefits of MyThemeshop benefits. So without wasting much time let’s start with this review.

MyThemeShop Benefits

You must be thinking that since there are so many WordPress theme providers why I must buy the theme from mythemeshop? That is a great question and even I would be asking the same question to anyone who tells me that mythemeshop is the best marketplace to buy premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Because it’s our blog and website and we don’t want to buy any theme randomly we have to know what we are doing to our blog and one of the most important thing is to buy themes for your blog or wordpress website. So what makes mythemeshop a very good marketplace or wordpress themes club. Let’s see some of the facts and benefits below

  1. Currently there are more than 343109 happy customers who are using their products on their blog or website.
  2. Top pro bloggers like jeremy shoemoney, Zac Johnson and Matthew Woodward like prime bloggers are proudly recommending mythemeshop themes and plugins and you must be knowing that these bloggers don’t run after money and give wrong information to their audience. They are making a lot of money online and that is only becuase they have gained that trust level. So if they are recommending it to their readers then definitely it proves that indeed mythemeshop themes and plugins are awesome.
  3. All the themes are highly SEO optimized which will give you best SEO results both in terms of getting high organic traffic as well as the higher ranking of your blog post and articles.
  4. They are having experts who are doing the coding manually to make sure that all the themes and plugins are compactable with the latest WordPress version.
  5. Their prices are extremely affordable as compared to other theme providers like studio press. So if you are looking for highly SEO optimized WordPress themes which are not expensive then you must definitely go with mythemeshop themes.

MyThemeShop Theme Types

No matter for what purpose your blog or website is for mythemeshop has the themes for all your needs and requirements. You just have to search and I am sure that you will find it. You name it they will have it and for that, you just have to type in your keywords in the search box and you will get the theme you want.

Currently they are having the below mentioned theme types

  1. Magazine Themes
  2. Blog Themes
  3. WooCommerce Themes
  4. Business Themes

I think that they have covered all the types with their large umbrella and I am sure that your blog or website will be falling in one of these categories. So you can just browse any theme, check complete features and then buy it.

I know that before buying any premium themes and plugins we generally want to give a test drive or see how it looks. And yes this is what everybody has to do whey they buy anything online. So Mythemeshop developers know this as well and this is the reason you can view the demo version of all the themes listed in their marketplace.

I mean guys, seriously they are putting in a lot of efforts in helping their customers to get the best value for their money and want to provide 100% customer satisfication and this show in their work.

Even for the free themes, they have the demo version for all and you can check all the features and benefits from mythemeshop itself.

MyThemeShop Pricing: How much you have to Pay?

This is the most important thing which we look first before we click on Buy now button and since I have already told you that mythemeshop themes and plugins are extremely affordable and inexpensive that will easily fit in your budget.

Currently they are having 3 plans free, single product and extended membership plan you can take a look at the below image

Now you will think which plan I must buy right now then don’t worry let me explain you each plan which will help you to take the right choice in choosing the plan.

  1. Free plan

    • If you have just started a website or blog and want to test mythemeshop themes then free plan is for you. But I would highly recommend then you must plan to move to premium package since you will get lots of benefits but for the guys who are just starting out then you can opt for free plan.
    • In Free plan you will get all their 16 free WordPress themes and 9 free WordPress plugins which you can download instantly from their website.
    • There is no trap or limited time trial period which other theme clubs provide and after few days we are required to pull in our credit cards to use the free service afterwards but this is not the same with mythemeshop.
    • All the free themes and plugins are free forever for life with no restrictions and you don’t even need to put in your credit card details to download their free themes. So it’s the best deal you can get.
    • Click Here To Check All features and Benefits
  2. Single Product Package

    • Single product price is in the range between $29 to $59 and you can download a single theme for your blog or website.
    • If you are a blogger or individual website owner then this plan would be the best for you and you can purchase a single theme for you and get whole lots of benefits.
    • The best part is there is no restriction on the use of your purchased themes which I really like because there is a theme provider from where I purchased a theme in the past but later found that they imposed the restriction that I will be able to use it on only 1 blog and this was really a bad restriction to put on the customers.
    • Becuase they are paying for the theme and if they are using it on multiple sites then they must allow that. So if you are planning to have more WordPress blogs or website in furture then you must definitely get one theme from mythemeshop because they don’t have this limited restriction and you can use your theme on any number of blogs and websites no matter you are using it on 1 blog or 100 blogs they care for you and your requirements.
    • You will get full support and they are also having a forum where you can post your queries and they are very quick to handle and sort it as quickly as possible. I think that this one feature I loved the most becuase there are many bloggers and website owners who don’t know much about coding languages so they usually find it very hard even to make a small tweak to their themes.
    • And if you are one of them then you don’t have to worry because they are having 24/7/365 days support which is always there to sort even a small problem you will face and there was one instance where I wanted my sidebar to be moved from left to right and to be honest I was not able to do it and even I would have known it I would have not messed with my theme coding.
    • So what I did is contact them and even posted in their forum and they asked me to provide my login details which I did and within 30 minutes it was solved and this really shows that they are here to help you and not just to make you buy and say good bye. They will stand for you whenever you will need any technical help.
    • Check Here To Check Complete Features and Benefits
  3. Extended Membership

    • This is the ultimate plan for developers and agencies who make blogs and website for a large client base. How it would be if you purchase a theme from any other WordPress theme provider and buy each and every theme to use it on your client website. Isn’t that will cost huge price and it’s don’t not makes sense at all to buy each and every theme.
    • Even though with single product package you can install the theme on as many client websites and blogs but you know that if you are doing hardcore website developing or designing business then you must go with extended membership plan.
    • Because nobody likes the same look and every one like to make their blog unique don’t you? and this is where extended membership package is very useful.
    • You are going to get exclusive access to all 98 premium WordPress themes and 19 premium WordPress themes and you can use the theme on n number of blogs and websites. There is no restriction in this and no string attached condition.
    • You are free to use it in the way you want you are paying it and they value your money.
    • Click Here To Read All Features and Benefits

Miscellaneous Benefits

  1. Loading Speed

    • If you don’t know then let me tell you that Google has clearly stated that blog or website loading speed will have an impact on their SEO ranking in Google. So, it makes it extremely important and crucial point to make sure that your website or blog is loading fast on the browser.
    • Many WordPress themes provide don’t put a lot of efforts in this and their coding is very heavy and they try to make the look of the theme as impressive as possible which results in using lots of CSS, Scripts, and Widgets which makes your website or blog load slower.
    • But Mythemeshop does a very good job by minimizing this and they make sure that their themes are extremely light weighted. I have seen very good loading speed on my niche site and becuase of that, I was able to make more money with Google adsense alone.
  2. Free Resources

    • No matter if you purchased the world best SEO optimized WordPress themes but if you don’t know how to use it properly then what is the point of having that product or service. Is is making sense  💡
    • Absolutely right because you must know how to use a particular product or service after purchasing it and mythemeshop has done a very wonderful job by providing extremely helpful videos by which you can easily setup your WordPress blog.
    • This also shows how different and helpful they are from the other WordPress theme clubs.
    • Like I have mentioned that you will have 16 free WordPress themes and 9 free WordPress plugins.
  3. Completely Responsive

    • Do you know that right now there are more mobile users than the desktop users and this is going to keep on increasing in the coming years? So you must make sure that the design you are going to buy for your blog or website is completely responsive.
    • One of the major benefits of Mythemeshop WordPress themes is they are completely responsive no matter which theme you choose. If you will view your blog in mobile, desktop, tablet, iPad you will see that how these themes beautifully fit in the window.
    • Do you know that Desktop Google search results and Mobile Google search results are same? Most of you will say that yes they are same but let me tell you they are not same. The blogs and website which are not mobile optimized or nonresponsive will get lower ranking in mobile google search.
    • But this problem is completely taken care by Mythemeshop developers so that you can get loads of free traffic from mobile google search and have the higher ranking in Google mobile search.
  4. Awesome Look and Feel

    • You want to have a complete theme right? May be you talk about look wise, design wise, features wise, support wise etc again all the themes are elegantly designed which gives it more professional look to your blog or website.
    • Your blog or website design is the very first thing they notice when they land and if they will find it unattractive then your bounce rate will be very high and Google hates high bounce rate.
    • But all the premium themes are very nicely designed which gives good user experience and will help you to reduce your bounce rate as well.
  5. Cross Browser Support

    • Well, this one feature is a must to have if you buy any wordpress theme. All mythemeshop wordpress themes support all the major browsers which mean that your readers and access your blog or website in whichever browser they want and still access your website.
    • I am sure that you have not yet tested your blog or website on all the browsers but believe me, if your theme supports all the browsers which people use in their day to day life then surely your traffic will skyrocket without doing any extra effort.
    • My Theme Shop professional web developers take it very seriously and have manually tested all their themes in all the possible browser there are on the internet right  now and it works smoothly. They claim that this feature has help many websites to see a traffic spike of 30%. So this is huge advantage the more traffic you have more business you will get, more money and more affiliate sales 🙂

What If I don’t Like The Theme and Want the Money Back ?

If you don’t like the theme which I strongly disagree because I love all their theme. But for some reason you want your money back then you get 100% of your money because Mythemeshop has 30 days no strings attached money refund policy.

You have nothing to lose, If you like it keep it if not return it and you are in no lost

MyThemeShop Official Customer Reviews

From Where I can Buy Mythemeshop themes and Plugins?

Buy looking at so many features there is nothing to think much about and for your convenience, I have placed the direct link of the best collections of Mythemeshop themes which you are purchase right now.

Click Here To Buy Mythemeshop WordPress Themes

Click Here Check All WordPress Themes

Not only themes, you can also buy very useful wordpress plugins as well you can take a look at all their plugins by clicking the below link

Click Here To Check All Mythemeshop WordPress Plugins

Final Thoughts

So guys this was mythemeshop reveiw and I tried my level best to explain all the feature and benefits which I find extremely useful for any blogger or web developer and I would highly recommend you to check their themes and plugins. I am sure that you will find the best theme for your wordpress blog or website.

Have you ever used my theme shop WordPress themes so I would love to hear from your experience about me I really love their themes and would proudly recommend them to my readers. If you find this review helpful please share it on facebook, twitter, google plus, and other social media sites.

You can share with your friends and other bloggers who are looking to buy affordable, Highly SEO optimized, fast loading and completely responsive themes and they will really appreciate that. Remember guys helping others will definitely help you to become successful.

Extremely Affordable WordPress Themes and Plugins To buy in Budget and Still get the best results.

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