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ThemeForest Affiliate Program Review – Are you looking for the best WordPress themes affiliate programs then you are on the right post becuase here I am going to share one of the most popular affiliate program for WordPress themes. If you are struggling to make money by affiliate marketing then this post will definitely help you to overcome it and make more passive income by blogging and bank in some good amount of regular cash.

Today, I have a great affiliate program for you guys which is called as themeforest affiliate program which is one of the best marketplace to buy premium WordPress themes and plugins. Not only that there are other sections are well like HTML, CSS and many more which you can take a look at.

Envato marketplace hosts themeforest affiliate program and Envato is very popular website and many people visit Envato to buy premium products and services to there is a great chance of making money with themeforest affiliate program for you.

So today in this post I am going to discuss about themeshop affiliate program review and how you can make money with it. Previsously I have written few affilate programs review which you can read below and I highly recommend you to go through all the below mentioned articles so that you will get more affiliate marketing tricks to make more money with your blog or website

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So, without wasting much time let’s quickly see how you can make money with themeforest affiliate program and how this single affiliate program can change your blogging income with minimal efforts.

Themeforest Affiliate Program Review

You must be knowing that daily literally 1000’s of blogs and websites go online and many are looking to buy the highest quality, SEO friendly and best WordPress themes for their blogs and websites. Since Themeforest is so popular WordPress theme marketplace that will make your life easier to make some quick sales.

This trick work guys if you are promoting good brand on your blog or website then it takes less effort for you to make the sales since they have earned that good reputation that their product and services sells for themselves. So you don’t have to stress yourself or opt any hardcore selling techniques.

Themeforest provides you all the resources you need to make decent amount by affiliate marketing like banners, automatice referral link generation tool which helps you to append your referral link to any of the Envato market place.

Themeforest Affiliate Program Sign up

You can sign up for free and there is nothing you have to pay. To sign up you just need to Visit this link and scroll down and click on Become an Affiliate link.

After clicking on that link you will be presented with a short form where you will need to enter few details and you can instantly start promoting their wordpress themes and plugins.

You can grab any URL and start promoting right away any reader who clicks your link and purchases any WordPress themes then you are going to make money as simple as that.

How To Make Money With Themeforest Affiliate Program

Why themeforest is different from other theme clubs is that not only you will be credited with 30% of that persons first purchase and not only that even if that person deposits any amount of money in their account you will still get your referral income. Isn’t its great and this additional bonus is which other theme clubs are lacking.

Just for example, if the person buys a wordpress theme of $100 then you are going to make $30 and if he don’t purchase anything and if he simply deposits $100 on his account then also you are going to make $30 dollars and this is something I really liked about themeforest affilaite program.

Only that’s it? Did you just asked this then I have even more good news for you. How many times it happen that you land on a website to buy something and ultimately buy another thing. I am sure that it happens with many of us.

Or sometimes we are just browing and find something useful and we finally purchase it so Envato understands this and this is the reason why you money making oppourtunity increases. It works like Amazon affilate program where you are credited for any product which your reader buy once landing on their site through your affiliate link.

It does not matter if they don’t buy the product you referred even if they buy any other product and services you are still going to make 30% of the their money. Means that whichever products your readers buy from the whole Envato marketplace you will make money and this is really great because you never know what your readers might like while being on their site and this really increases the chances of making more money through themeforest affiliate program.

Themeforest affiliate program works on first come first serves basis and this is superb. If you don’t know what this means then let me tell you. Most of the affiliate programs credits the last referrel source so if you have referred a customer to them and if he or she don’t buy it then on the next day she buys it from other bloggers referral link than that blogger is going to make the money and not you.

But with themeforest affilaite program this is complelete opposite, you just have to send them and no matter which link the click you are going to make the money so this make it a very good affiliate program which you must apply right away.

Also the cookie period is great it’s complete 30% days so if your referral buys any products from the complete Envato marketplace within 3 months from your referral then you are going to amek the money.

Themeforest Payment Mode

Currently Themeforest payment mode is paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, SWIFT but I like paypal since it’s one of the best way to send and recieve money from any part of the world and it’s highly secure as well and this makes sure that your money will reach you safely.

You can get your refferal link by appending ?ref=yourusername at end of any URL and all your referral will be tracked. For example. if you want to link to main themeforest page then

Page URL looks like this

To get your referral link just add ?ref=yourusername at end of any URL so now your affiliate link will look like

The Minimum thresold is only $50 dollars which is very easy to acheive. You will be able to create a withdrawal request once you reach $50 dollars in your account. You can opt for single payment or automated monthly payment option.

If you don’t have the paypal account you can make it for free and if you already have it then you just have to provide that. You can do it by logging into your online then click on profile and select Withdrawals tab.

Here you can set your Default withdrawal account as Paypal and if you make any affilate sales then you will get the money directly to your paypal account.

Here you can also request the payment to your paypal account and view your withdrawal transaction history.

Click Here To Sign Up For Themeforest Affilate Program

Final Verdict

Overall I think that it’s great affiliate program and I would highly recommend you to join it immediate to increase your affiliate income. If you have just started to promote affiliate marketing then I have a very good post written for you which will give you great tips and tricks to become successful in affiliate marketing

I think that it’s always great to choose high convertion affiliate programs and Themeforest is one of the best in the business so there is no reason I found not promoting them and you should to start promoting it. If you like this review the please share on Google plus, facebook and twitter.

Have you tried Themeforest affilate program if yes the please let me know your experience via below comment box. Thank you.

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