This Field Is Required Google Adsense Error Bug Fix

Hi, guys, this is a really short post where I think that many will be facing the trouble and asking the question Is Google adsense not working today or Is Google adsense is down right now. I know many bloggers and website owners want to know this and today I faced the same problem. I am also going to show you a way around how to fix this field is required error on Google adsense

I wanted to let everybody know that Yesterday I wanted to create some ad units to add on my blog but after implementing the code on my blog the ads were not showing on my blog and other niche websites.

So I wasted some time to search about it on the internet but since I am so busy that I cannot afford to waste a single second of my life on anything rubbish things.

As you know that I don’t use adsense heavily on this blog but yes I use it heavily on my other niche blogs and websites I wanted to create an adsense ad unit.

I simply went to adsense ad but unfortunately I was getting an error message and believe me it’s quite annoying, the error was the Ad units

How to fix this field is required error on Google adsense

Adsense not working

You can clearly see in the above image that Adsense is not working as I was not able to create or save my adsense ad units. I get this error after clicking on the Save and get code button.

Also when you create custom channels it is showing the same error and I really don’t know what to do and when adsense will sort this out because there are many publishers out there who must have also faced the same problem.

I managed to troubleshoot this and fix This field is required adsense error by copying my previously published adsense units.

Below is the step which I did to fix This Field Is Required Google Adsense Error Bug

Is Google Adsense Not Working Today

1. Click My Ads tab.

2. Click on Get code link below your previously made Adsense ad units.

3. Copy and paste on your blog or website.

I managed to put the Google adsense on this blog by using this technique because as of now this field is required error is not fixed yet.

And I am really fed up since I am not able to do very simple thing. The text field is not accepting the text, I even tried entering numbers to test but it is not accepting at all.

If you guys are also facing the same problem or you know how to solve this then please let me know in the comment section. Also to help other Google adsense publishers and users we can make this blog post useful for literally thousands of other bloggers and website owners by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social media sites.

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Here is the link

This Field Is Required Google Adsense Error Bug Fix

Please if you are also facing this issue then please discuss in the comment section below and help others by sharing this. Thank you so much.


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